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BY Carlos Montes | Los Angeles, CA | 2/26/11
Thousands of workers rallied at Los Angeles City Hall, Feb. 26, to show solidarity with the struggle of workers in Wisconsin, who are fighting to keep their right to collective bargaining.
BY Mick Kelly | St. Paul, MN | 2/26/11
Nearly 2000 people gathered at the state capitol building here, Feb. 26, to support the fight of Wisconsin workers. The noon rally brought out a broad spectrum of trade unions, including the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees and Teamsters. Members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and other progressive organizations also participated.
BY staff | Madison, WI | 2/25/11
"Shame!" roared the audience as the Wisconsin State Assembly voted to pass the union-busting Budget Repair Bill, Feb. 25.
BY Tom Burke | Lansing, MI | 2/24/11
Taking their lead from Wisconsin, 1200 protesters rallied against attacks on unions and democracy at the Michigan State Capitol, Feb. 22. Union fire fighters were out in force and in uniform, carrying signs reading, “Support Act 312,” a 1969 law establishing binding arbitration. Binding arbitration requires towns and cities to work out their differences with the workers.
BY staff | Madison, WI | 2/24/11
The struggle at the Wisconsin State Capitol to defeat the union-busting Budget Repair Bill held strong through its 9th day, Feb. 23. The state Capitol remained occupied and as early as 7:30 a.m. the chants of "Kill the bill" could be heard from all over.
BY staff | Madison, WI | 2/22/11
Inside and out, the Capitol Building is loud and crowded. It's the eighth day of protests against Governor Scott Walker's ‘budget repair bill’ and every night, thousands of students and workers occupy the Capitol Building. The people of Wisconsin are showing determination to kill the bill.
BY Brad Sigal | Saint Paul, MN | 2/22/11
Excitement was in the air in the Minnesota Capitol building, Feb. 22 as more than a thousand workers packed the capitol rotunda in an impressive display of solidarity with workers in Wisconsin.
BY staff | Madison, WI | 2/21/11
As of Feb. 21, people from throughout Wisconsin and around the country have been showing support for public workers locked into a battle with Republican Party leaders.
BY Brad Sigal | Hudson, WI | 2/19/11
Hundreds of workers protested Feb. 19 in this town on the border of Wisconsin and Minnesota to “kill the bill” that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trying to ram through.
BY Jacob Flom | Madison, WI | 2/19/11
55,000 people - workers, students and their families - occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol Feb. 19 against anti-union legislation. It was the sixth straight day of protest.
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