Saturday January 28, 2023
| Last update: Saturday at 4:48 PM
Saint Paul, MN - The anti-war organization Women Against Military Madness organized a vigil on Friday, January 27, in response to the recent massacre of Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp in occupied Palestine.
United States - Fight Back News Service is circulating the following January 27 statement from the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression.
United States - The Committee to Stop FBI Repression condemns the violent state repression against anti-Cop City activists.
Raleigh, NC - On January 17, Darryl Tyree Williams was tased to death by six Raleigh Police Department officers who have since been put on administrative leave, essentially a paid vacation.
Memphis, TN - On January 10, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols died in the hospital after sustaining injuries from five Memphis police officers.

Soviet poster depicts Lenin cleaning the world of garbage.
Fight Back! News is publishing this series of short articles in the interest of furthering the critical task of fusing Marxism with the workers’...
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On this May Day 2022 Fight Back! is proud to announce the release of the first episode of its podcast Fight Back! Radio.
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A leak of a draft majority opinion overturning the historic Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade is circulating in the press. Freedom Road Socialist...
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The political program of Freedom Road Socialist Organization is being printed in book form.