Monday March 27, 2023
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BY staff | San Salvador, El Salvador | 7/06/18
Thousands of students came together at the main entrance of the University of El Salvador (UES), July 5, to march against the right-wing initiative of the Salvadoran oligarchy to privatize water.
BY staff | San Salvadaor, El Salvador | 6/30/18
Hundreds of students, professors, professionals, teachers and workers at the University of El Salvador (UES) gathered on June 29 to protest against the new attempt by the oligarchic right wing in El Salvador to privatize water.
BY Brad Sigal | San Salvador, El Salvador | 8/01/11
On July 30 more than 2000 people marched here to commemorate the 36th anniversary of a massacre of Salvadoran students on July 30, 1975.
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