Sunday June 13, 2021
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BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 4/18/14
Legislation to restore unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed is being blocked by House Republicans.
BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 4/05/14
A vote is expected on legislation to restore Extended Unemployment Compensation this Monday, April 7.
BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 3/27/14
The Senate cleared the way for a vote on legislation to restore benefits to the long term jobless, March 27.
BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 3/19/14
House Speaker John Boehner came out today, March 19, against the Senate measure to restore unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless.
BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 3/11/14
In a surprise move, Representative Brad Schneider (D-IL) announced here today, March 11, that he would undertake a rarely used procedure in an attempt to force a House vote on Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC).
BY staff | Washington, D.C. | 2/04/14
The Senate Democratic leadership announced today, Feb. 4, that a vote to extend benefits for long term unemployed workers is scheduled for Feb. 6.
BY Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 12/29/13
While people around the world are celebrating the New Year, 1.3 million long-term unemployed Americans will be facing an immediate cut-off of their Federal Extended Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits.
BY Masao Suzuki | San Jose, CA | 2/12/12
On Feb. 29, federal Extended Unemployment Insurance benefits will end unless Congress agrees to continue the program.
BY Masao Suzuki | San Jose, CA | 12/23/11
On Dec. 22, the leadership of the Republicans in the House of Representatives said that they would sign on to a bipartisan compromise to renew federal Unemployment Insurance benefits.
BY Fight Back! Editors | United States | 11/27/11
On Dec. 31, funding for extended federal Unemployment Insurance will expire. If funding is not renewed, almost 2 million jobless workers will be cut off from their benefits in January and almost 4 million more will lose their benefits by the end of May, 2012 - all at a time where the official unemployment rate is still 9%.
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