Tuesday October 26, 2021
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BY staff | Syria | 7/18/12
Reporting from Damascus, the Syrian News Agency states that Minister of Defense General Dawood Rajiha, Deputy Minister of Defense General Asef Shawkat and Assistant Vice-President General Hassan Turkmani were killed in a terrorist explosion targeting the National Security Headquarters, July 18.
BY Steff Yorek | Minneapolis, MN | 11/23/11
Thanksgiving is upon us. It is a national holiday with the core idea of trying to make pretty the genocide of native nations and make normal the quest for empire. There is nothing to celebrate in the origins of Thanksgiving. You can say a lot about the holiday. Nonetheless, the fact is, that despite the capitalists’ best efforts, many of us still have the day off. That makes it a great day to get together with family, friends and comrades and be thankful for another year of surviving and struggling.
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