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BY Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 9/24/18
Eight years ago, on Sept. 24, 2010, more than 70 FBI agents took part in a series of coordinated raids that were aimed at activists of the anti-war and international solidarity movements, and also members of Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO).
BY staff | Saint Paul, MN | 11/01/13
Two prominent anti-war and international solidarity activists, Jess Sundin and Mick Kelly, were in federal court here, Nov. 1, in a bid to pull back the curtain of government secrecy that surrounds the FBI raids on their homes on Sept. 24, 2010.
BY Michela Martinazzi | Gainesville, FL | 11/02/12
70 student activists from all over the country arrived in sunny Gainesville, Florida to attend the annual Students for a Democratic Society National Convention Oct. 27-28.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 10/07/12
Another attempt by the Justice Department to imprison Somalis who care about the future of their country was in full swing here, Oct. 5, as the trial of Mahamud Said Omar concluded for the week.
BY General Convention of the Episcopal Church | Indianapolis, Indiana | 7/19/12
Fight Back News Service is circulating the “American Civil Liberties” resolution of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, which took place July 5 - 12, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
BY Tom Burke | Asheville, NC | 6/01/12
The FBI is harassing anti-war and international solidarity activists in North Carolina again, this time in Asheville.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 3/11/12
Over 100 people rallied and marched here March 10 at Daley Plaza. They came to defend civil liberties, demand an end to suppression of dissent and to call for a stop of government attacks on immigrant, Arab, Muslim, Black and Latino communities.
BY Mick Kelly | Chicago, IL | 2/18/12
“We flooded the Chicago U.S. Attorney’s office with phone calls demanding that they stop investigating anti-war and international solidarity activists,” says Tom Burke of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, describing a Feb. 16 national call-in day.
BY Mick Kelly | Brooklyn Center, MN | 2/18/12
Protesters gathered outside the new headquarters of the FBI here, Feb. 17, to protest the agency’s targeting of anti-war and international solidarity activists. The protest coincided with the FBI’s announced move-in day to their new fortress-like building.
BY Mick Kelly | Chicago, IL | 1/31/12
The Northern Illinois Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry Jonas stated that the “investigation is continuing” into the case of the anti-war and international solidarity activists who have been hit with FBI raids and grand jury repression. Barry Jonas played a leading role in prosecuting the leaders of the Holy Land Foundation while he was trial attorney for the Department of Justice Counter-terrorism Section.
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