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BY Tom Burke | Cincinnati, OH | 10/15/15
Supporters of Rasmea Odeh could be heard chanting from blocks away in downtown Cincinnati, Oct. 14. Bus riders on their way to morning shifts crossed the street to take leaflets, while curious business people were drawn to watch the protesters chant, “Justice for Rasmea! Justice for Rasmea!” and “DOJ, let’s be clear, Rasmea is welcome here!”
BY Mick Kelly | Los Angeles, CA | 10/08/15
A solidarity action to demand justice for Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh is scheduled to take place here Oct. 13, 5:00 p.m., at the Los Angeles federal building, which is located at 300 N Los Angeles Street.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 10/08/15
Chicago supporters of Rasmea Odeh, a nationally known leader of the Palestinian community, are organizing in a big way to get people to her Oct. 14 appeal hearing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
BY Mick Kelly | Ft Lauderdale | 10/07/15
Florida supporters of the prominent Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh are mobilizing people to attend her Oct. 14 appeal hearing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/24/15
Fight Back New Service is circulating the following appeal from the Committee to Stop FBI Repression.
BY staff | San José, CA | 9/12/15
On Sept. 10, supporters of Rasmea Odeh held signs and passed out hundreds of flyers in front of the Martin Luther King Jr. main library here.
BY Fabian Van Onzin | Houston, TX | 9/12/15
Activists organized a number of activities to show solidarity with Rasmea Odeh, the unjustly convicted Palestinian activist.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 9/11/15
About 30 people gathered on May Day Plaza, in the West Bank neighborhood here to demand Justice for Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh, Sept. 10.
Rasmea Odeh
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 9/02/15
Fight Back News Service is circulating Rasmea Odeh’s speech to the historic August 29 march in Chicago for community control of the police. Fight Back! editors urge all of our readers to come to Cincinnati, Ohio on Oct. 14, when arguments on the appeal of her unjust conviction are heard in federal court. For more information go to
CPAC, Rasmea Odeh
BY Cannon Atkinson | Salt Lake City, UT | 8/20/15
Over 30 Rasmea Odeh supporters filled City Cakes, a bakery in Salt Lake City, on August 16 to raise money for Odeh’s legal defense.
Rasmea Odeh
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