Tuesday November 29, 2022
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BY Michela Martinazzi | Gainesville, FL | 11/06/14
Twenty-five University of Florida (UF) students and allies rallied on campus in solidarity with Arab American women’s leader Rasmea Odeh. Odeh’s trial began in Detroit on Nov. 4 and is continuing thru the week.
Rasmea Odeh
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 11/06/14
Fight Back New Service is circulating this Nov. 6 statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee.
BY Joe Iosbaker | Detroit, MI | 11/06/14
Rasmea Odeh’s supporters were in high anticipation as they waited on line for Judge Drain’s court room to open this morning, Nov. 6. Everyone expected the high point of the trial to be when Rasmea Odeh took the stand to testify in her own defense.
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 11/05/14
Opening statements were made today in the trial of Rasmea Odeh, beloved leader of Chicago’s Palestinian community, and the first witnesses for the prosecution were called to the stand.
Rasmea Odeh
BY Joe Iosbaker | Detroit, MI | 11/05/14
In court today, Nov. 5, the government presented its case against Rasmea Odeh.
Rasmea Odeh
BY Kosta Harlan | Durham, NC | 11/05/14
Protesters gathered at a busy intersection outside the Durham Public Library, Nov 4, to show solidarity with Rasmea Odeh. The action coincided with the opening of Odeh’s trial in Detroit.
Rasmea Odeh
BY Joe Iosbaker | Detroit, MI | 11/04/14
Judge Gershwin Drain oversaw jury selection today in the case of Rasmea Odeh. Odeh is on trial in Detroit for failing to disclose in her application for citizenship that she was tortured by the Israeli military in 1969 until she confessed to a crime she didn’t commit.
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 11/04/14
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following Nov. 4 statement from the Rasmea Defense Committee.
Rasmea Odeh
BY staff | Detroit, MI | 11/03/14
On Tuesday, Nov. 4, a federal trial will get underway here of longtime women’s rights advocate and Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh. She will face a charge of procuring her citizenship unlawfully by allegedly omitting an answer on her citizenship application 10 years ago. The stakes are high say Odeh’s defenders; she faces revocation of her citizenship, 10 years imprisonment, and eventual deportation.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 11/02/14
Twin Cities activists are making plans to attend the Detroit trial of prominent Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh.
Rasmea Odeh
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