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BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 4/16/11
Protesters gathered on the front steps of the Minnesota State Capitol, April 15 with a message for state legislators and Governor Dayton: “Tax the rich. No more attacks on poor and working people.” High winds whipped a giant banner spread out across the capitol steps.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 12/28/10
Protesters will assemble at the Minnesota State Capitol Building, at 12 noon, Jan. 4 to say no to attacks on programs that serve poor and working people. Organized by the Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout, the action will coincide with the opening of the Minnesota State legislature.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 2/11/10
A bill that places a moratorium on home foreclosures and brings a halt to the eviction of tenants from foreclosed buildings got through the Minnesota State House of Representatives Housing Policy and Finance and Public Health Finance Division, Feb. 9.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 1/23/10
More than 75 workers, students and community supporters rallied at Morrill Hall, the central administration building here, Jan. 21, to oppose attempts by President Bruininks and senior administrators to balance the budget on the backs of staff and students.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 12/01/09
Supporters of Leslie Parks gathered at her home holding signs and banners, visible to rush hour traffic on the morning of Nov. 30. They demanded that IndyMac/One West Bank come to just settlement with the Parks family that allows Leslie Parks to keep her home.
BY Stephanie Taylor | Minneapolis, MN | 9/08/09
Anti-war activists from across the Twin Cities gathered at Rosemary Williams’s house, Aug. 27, to say “Foreclose the wars! Not people’s homes!”
BY Mick Kelly | St. Paul, MN | 7/02/09
More than 50 people rallied in front of the Governor’s Mansion here, June 30 to slam Governor Pawlenty’s plan to cut hundreds of millions from health care, education, local government aid and human services.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 6/25/09
On Thursday, June 25, friends and supporters gathered at the home of Rosemary Williams to plan for action after getting devastating news.
BY staff | St. Paul, MN | 12/04/08
While state officials announced a record $5.2 billion dollar budget deficit at the State Capitol here, Dec. 4 , about 25 members of the Minnesota Coalition for a People’s Bailout were outside the room chanting, “Hey politicians, here’s the fix! Tax the rich! Tax the rich!”
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