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BY staff | Salt Lake City, UT | 4/15/13
Anti-war activists and students in Utah took their message directly to the U.S. government's doorstep on April 11 with a rally in front of the Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building.
BY Cassia Laham | Miami, FL | 4/09/13
Over 2000 people marched here, April 6, demanding legalization for undocumented workers and calling for an end to the deportations of immigrants.
BY staff | Minneapolis, MN | 4/07/13
Despite rain showers, nearly 200 people joined a protest here April 6 to speak out against U.S. wars around the world and against the ever-growing use of drones as an instrument of military intervention.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 4/07/13
Nahla Yafai, a Yemeni student in Chicago, was emphatic. “Drones have hit our country again and again. Many civilians and children have died, but no one knows here, except for our community. And now you know, and you must speak out.”
BY Dave Schneider | Jacksonville, FL | 3/23/13
Last month, the United States Navy announced the construction of a major command center for surveillance drones at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station (NAS), pending approval by Congress. According to the Pentagon, the center would cost an estimated $22 million and would make the North Florida city one of two new sites for drone operations in the US.
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BY staff | Chicago, IL | 3/21/13
On the morning of March 20, 2003, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) news anchor opened the broadcast with the news that the bombing of Baghdad had begun the night before.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 2/23/13
Joe Iosbaker, of the Anti War Committee here, denounced Pentagon plans, Feb. 23, to place a new drone base in West African country of Niger.
BY staff | Chicago, IL | 1/14/13
Joe Iosbaker, the anti-war organizer who helped lead the massive protest at the NATO summit last year, condemns the French/U.S war on the people of Mali.
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BY staff | Philippines | 1/08/13
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) stated Jan. 8 that the retrieval of a crashed U.S. military drone off the coast of Masbate island "brings to the fore the persistent and gross violations of Philippine airspace by the U.S. military."
BY staff | Iran | 1/02/13
Iran’s Fars News Agency reported Jan. 2 that the Iranian Army successful captured two more U.S.-made drones - one in 2011 and another a few months ago.
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