Monday January 17, 2022
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BY Audari Tamayo | Appleton, WI | 11/27/21
Minutes after the verdict was reached by the jury on the afternoon of November 19, Appleton Students for a Democratic Society called an emergency action in response to the vigilante murderer Kyle Rittenhouse being wrongfully acquitted of all charges.
Appleton SDS
BY staff | Appleton, WI | 11/02/21
The Appleton Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Sunrise Fox Valley are continuing the “Fight for $15'' at Lawrence University.
BY staff | Appleton, WI | 6/01/21
On May 29, nearly 30 people gathered at Houdini Plaza in downtown Appleton to demand that the Canadian energy company Enbridge be forced to cease production on their Line 3 and Line 5 projects.
BY Rory Donovan | Milwaukee, WI | 5/08/21
On May 6, Students for a Democratic Society chapters in Appleton and Milwaukee hosted a panel about the importance of student organizing.
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