Tuesday July 5, 2022
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BY Ryan Stitzel | Denver, CO | 5/23/22
Fight Back! interviews Tim Hernández, a Chicano teacher in Denver who was recently dismissed from his position at North High School on the grounds that he is “divisive.”
BY Ryan Stitzel | Denver, CO | 5/23/22
On May 19, a Denver Public Schools Board of Education meeting was met with protest from students and community members who were outraged at the recent dismissal of beloved Chicano English teacher Tim Hernández.
BY Sol Márquez | Los Angeles, CA | 5/22/22
On April 22, more than 100 Sheridan Street Elementary School students, teachers, parents and community supporters took to the streets to oppose a privatization threat through the co-location of their school.
BY Tom Burke | Chicago, IL | 5/16/22
he New Era Young Lords are hosting a “Celebration of Jose ‘Cha-Cha’ Jimenez,” the founder of the Young Lords in Chicago. On June 4, family and friends will join the Young Lords to honor Jose “Cha-Cha” Jimenez, who is currently in elder care.
BY Andrew Keith | Los Angeles, CA | 4/23/22
On May 1, Centro CSO is holding its 7th annual International Workers Day march and rally in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.
BY Staff | Los Angeles, CA | 4/13/22
On March 26, over 50 people gathered at Belvedere Lakeside Park in East LA to support the surviving family of David Ordaz, Jr. The event was led by Emily Ordaz, the 16-year-old surviving daughter of Ordaz, and Centro CSO’s Sol Marquez.
BY staff | Los Angeles, CA | 4/07/22
On March 6, Centro CSO hosted its fifth annual International Women’s Day event.
BY Sol Márquez | East LA, CA | 2/24/22
A small tortilla-making store, La Imperial Tortillería, hosted a public event inside of their shop titled “Coffee with a Deputy,” February 23. Inside of the shop were less than a dozen people surrounded by East LA sheriffs who were having coffee.
BY Carlos Montes | Los Angeles, CA | 2/11/22
On February 7, families who lost sons to Los Angeles Sheriff's killings spoke out to support the demand to strengthen civilian oversight of the LA Sheriff’s Department (LASD) at a press conference held in front of the Hall of Justice. At the event, the Check the Sheriff (CTS) coalition announced a sign-on letter by over 70 organizations calling on the LA Board of Supervisors (BOS) to move forward with an LA County charter amendment to strengthen the Civilian Oversight Commission and with the power to remove a sitting Sheriff for violation of the law.
BY Akhi Menawat | Minneapolis, MN | 1/25/22
On January 23, protesters marched in freezing temperatures to bring attention to the Biden administration’s inhumane immigration policies. The march, organized by the Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC), took place in a neighborhood with many immigrant families and received significant support from onlookers as protesters chanted about closing the camps, abolishing ICE, and supporting legalization for all. The protesters demanded that Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress take immediate action to reverse all Trump-era anti-immigrant policies and act on their campaign promises to support immigrant families.
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