Sunday February 5, 2023
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BY Daniel Ginsberg | Chicago, IL | 10/05/16
Reminiscent of four years ago, the streets of Chicago may again turn red as tens of thousands of Chicago teachers prepare to strike over a concessionary contract when negotiations end on Oct. 11.
BY Stephanie Karamitsos | Washington, D.C. | 9/01/02
Fed up with the domination of the U.S. government by big corporations, workers came to Washington D.C. for the second convention of the Labor Party, July 25-28.
BY Stephanie Karamitsos | Washington, D.C. | 7/01/02
"On every major headline issue of the day, the Labor Party, at its very inception in 1996, had charted a pathway to protect workers' interests. Now, more than ever before, workers of America should rededicate themselves to building their own movement." states Labor Party National Organizer, Tony Mazzocchi.
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