Tuesday October 19, 2021
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BY Alekos Zambrano | Tampa, FL | 5/28/15
Over 200 people gathered in downtown Tampa’s Lykes Gaslight Park, May 23, to rally against Monsanto and march in support of fair labeling practices.
BY Cece Lia | Miami, FL | 9/25/14
Miami joined people around the world on Sept. 21 in the Peoples Climate March, demanding action from a UN special summit on climate change.
BY staff | Duluth, MN | 9/10/14
Laura Gauger, originally a farm girl from Wisconsin, has been saddled with a big bill from a multinational mining corporation.
BY Brad Sigal | Minneapolis, MN | 6/27/14
Protesters confronted President Obama during an electoral-season fundraising swing through Minneapolis on June 26-27. Immigrant rights, anti-war and environmental groups protested together outside a big-money fundraiser where Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on the evening of June 26.
BY Raymond D. Franklin | Savannah, GA | 5/16/14
About 100 people marched from Johnson Square after a large rally against the Monsanto Corporation, a bio-technical and chemical giant.
BY Masao Suzuki | San José, CA | 3/13/14
March 11 marks the third anniversary of the tsunami that overwhelmed the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan.
BY C. R. Manor | Salt Lake City, UT | 1/27/14
As many as 5000 Utahans rallied at the State Capitol, demanding cleaner air with no more excuses. Every winter, pollution from oil refineries, Hill Air Force Base incinerators and Kennecott mines gets trapped low near the valley floors, creating toxic air and breathing troubles for the people. With what is known as ‘the inversion,’ Utah competes for the worst air in the country at this time of year.
BY staff | Washington, DC | 2/17/13
According to protest organizers, more than 50,000 people joined the massive "Forward on Climate" rally here Feb. 17.
BY staff | Philippines | 1/19/13
The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemned the US military for its incursion into the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park in the Sulu Sea causing damage to the corals after the marooning of its naval warship within the wildlife protected area.
BY staff | Philippines | 11/14/12
“The secret dumping of toxic waste at Subic Bay is an affront to Philippine sovereignty by the U.S. Navy and its defense contractor,” said the CPP. “It shows their utter disregard for the environment and the health of Filipinos. They completely ignored local and international regulations that require the treatment of toxic waste prior to disposal.”
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