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PFLP: Prawer Plan is latest step in the ongoing Nakba and must inspire resistance

Statement por Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine |
July 18, 2013
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine participated in the demonstrations across Palestine on Monday, July 15 in protest against the Zionist Prawer Plan, which aims to confiscate thousands of dunums of Palestinian Arab land and displace tens of thouands of Palestinian Bedouins, demolishing dozens of villages. As part of the Front’s participation throughout Palestine, the PFLP in Gaza City organized a rally in solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Naqab, and in alliance with the “Anger Strike” organized by Palestinians in ’48 and echoed by Palestinians throughout Palestine and outside. The demonstrators carried the Palestinian flag and banners demanding the Prawer Plan and its threats to the Palestinian people be stopped.

The Front, in a statement, said that the Prawer Plan is just one more aspect of the Nakba, part and parcel of the policy of displacement and land theft that began with the entry of Zionism into Palestine and the establishment of the racist Zionist entity over the land of Palestine. The Front noted that the Prawer Plan will steal more than 800,000 dunums of Palestinian Arab land, displace up to 70,000 Palestinians, and demolish 36 villages, and called on the Palestinian people wherever they are to support our people in Palestine ’48 and the Anger Strike in various forms. It emphasized the importance of expressing the unity of our people in all places to resist and reject the Zionist project. This scheme targeting our people in the Naqab is part of the continuous aggression against our people in the ’48 lands, and the implementation of a policy of displacing them from their villages and towns on the road to creating “a Jewish state.” The policy, said the Front, reveals the criminal and racist nature of this illegitimate entity which seeks to liquidate the Palestinian national cause.

The PFLP called upon the Palestinian people and national and Islamic forces to confront the Zionist project and end all illusions about “negotiations” with the Zionist project, and to confront practices of normalization and those who normalize with the occupation, continuing to negotiate and cooperate with the occupation in a variety of frameworks, including the so-called “economic peace.” The Front said that Palestinian internal division must be resolved in order to confront the occupation that continues to plunder our land, build settlements, and Judaize Jerusalem, and that the Palestinian movement must restore its framework as a national liberation movement, struggling for the liberation of our Palestinian land, our eternal capital Jerusalem, the implementation of the Return of exiled Palestinians, and self-determination.