Tuesday July 14, 2020
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In-Justice System

National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression | United States | 7/14/20
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.
staff | Salt Lake City, UT | 7/13/20
Protesters gathered in front of Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill’s office, July 8, to demand justice for Bryan Valencia and Chad Breinholt and...
Keadin Stayer | Portland, OR | 7/12/20
In a display of state violence, federal officers sent by the Trump administration brutally attacked protesters near the Justice Center in downtown...
staff | United States | 7/12/20
Colombian revolutionary and political prisoner of the U.S. empire, Simón Trinidad, will have his 70th birthday in solitary confinement in a federal...
Sol Marquez | Los Angeles, CA | 7/10/20
Over the last few years, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has been in the hot seat as deputies have killed a staggering number of Black...
Freedom Road Socialist Organization | United States | 7/08/20
The U.S.-backed government of Philippines and its President Duterte is putting in place the legal framework to carry out a wave of repression against...
staff | Green Bay, WI | 7/08/20
On Sunday, July 5, the Oneida Nation held a memorial ride and rally for Jonathon Tubby, an Oneida man killed in police custody nearly two years ago.
Communist Party of the Philippines | Philippines | 7/07/20
Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines.
staff | United States | 7/06/20
Beachgoers stumbling on human femur bones in the sand - just a few feet from world-class resorts.
staff | Los Angeles, CA | 7/05/20
On June 27, exactly one year after an East Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed 18-year-old Paul Rea, his family and friends gathered in East Los...