Monday December 10, 2018
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Published Title Location
12/09/18 Chicago charter school strikers win major victory Chicago, IL
12/08/18 Day 4: CTU charter school teachers continue strike Chicago, IL
12/08/18 France: The WFTU on the side of the French workers France
12/08/18 Weak jobs report feeds recession fears, stock market falls again San José, CA
12/08/18 Centro CSO rallies in support of refugee caravan Los Angeles, CA
12/07/18 Immigrant rights activists celebrate city council vote to create a Minneapolis Municipal ID Minneapolis, MN
12/07/18 Chicago cops in coverup of Laquan McDonald murder will know their fate Dec. 19 Chicago, IL
12/07/18 Picket lines strong in day 3 of Chicago charter school strike Chicago, IL
12/05/18 Second day of Chicago charter school strike Chicago, IL
12/05/18 Deadly November: Cops kill 3 Native American men in MN Minneapolis, MN
12/04/18 First-ever charter school strike hits Chicago Chicago, IL
12/03/18 South Florida rallies for refugees at Mexico border Fort Lauderdale, FL
12/03/18 Minneapolis march shows solidarity with Honduran asylum seekers Minneapolis, MN
12/03/18 Chicago People's Thanksgiving rejects Rahm, demands a people's agenda Chicago, IL
12/01/18 Tucson protests troops on border at Davis-Monthan Air Force base Tucson, AZ
12/01/18 Minneapolis Municipal ID passes first committee vote Minneapolis, MN
11/30/18 Chicago hunger strike in solidarity with refugee caravan Chicago, IL
11/30/18 Accelerating trend towards martial law nationwide and full-blown fascist dictatorship of Duterte Philippines
11/28/18 Tucson sees 3 actions in one day in solidarity with refugee caravan Tucson, AZ
11/27/18 Anti-War Committee Statement Against the US/Saudi War on Yemen Twin Cities
11/27/18 General Motors announces 15,000 job cuts San José, CA
11/26/18 U.S. attacks refugee caravan with tear gas at Mexico border San Ysidro, CA
11/26/18 Court sides with L.A. cop who murdered Jesse Romero Los Angeles, CA
11/25/18 Letter to editor on socialist look at the Florida 2018 midterm results Chicago, IL
11/24/18 Minnesotans to rally in support of migrant caravan Minneapolis, MN