Friday December 9, 2022
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Published Title Location
12/08/22 University of California academic workers on strike say ‘No COLA, no contract!’ Berkeley, CA
12/08/22 Protests call to “Free Alex Saab,” jailed in Miami Miami, FL
12/08/22 Fort Worth protest demands justice for Atatiana Jefferson Fort Worth, TX
12/07/22 COP27 Recap and response: Green capitalism as class warfare United States
12/06/22 Red Theory: Socialism and patriarchy, women’s liberation and LGBTQ liberation United States
12/06/22 USF students protest at university president’s mansion over declining Black enrollment Tampa, FL
12/06/22 Footage of the death of Brieon Green shows gross neglect by Milwaukee County sheriff’s office Milwaukee, WI
12/04/22 Minneapolis says no to fake ‘community commission’ on police crimes Minneapolis, MN
12/04/22 Tallahassee: Attack on Civilian Police Review Board member Taylor Biro defeated Tallahassee, FL
12/03/22 Theory: Reproductive labor and the family United States
12/03/22 SDS stands with railroad workers United States
12/02/22 UW-Milwaukee SDS rallies against transphobia and police violence for Trans Day of Remembrance Milwaukee, WI
12/02/22 Wisconsin: Banner drops in Milwaukee and Appleton in solidarity with Palestine Milwaukee, WI
12/02/22 Chicago: Community Commission halts launch of police gang database Chicago, IL
11/30/22 Dallas celebrates People's Thanksgiving Dallas, TX
11/30/22 Tallahassee FRSO hosts October Revolution event Tallahassee, FL
11/30/22 Grand Rapids holds solidarity rally for Palestine Day Grand Rapids, MI
11/30/22 Tallahassee condemns Police Benevolent Association moves against Taylor Biro Tallahassee, FL
11/30/22 Biden: Hands off rail workers and their right to strike! United States
11/30/22 Biden: Hands off rail workers and their right to strike! United States
11/28/22 Bookstore packed for FRSO program release party Minneapolis, MN
11/27/22 Red Theory: Socialism and the national question United States
11/27/22 Seattle students hold banner drop in protest of national ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill Seattle, WA
11/25/22 China committed to support for socialist Cuba China
11/25/22 Victory for the people: Yes on A for sheriff accountability Los Angeles, CA