Wednesday July 6, 2022
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5/17/22 How frame-ups work: The Antony Gay trial Peoria, IL
3/13/22 How we learn: Theory and Practice United States
7/04/22 Hundreds march in Tampa in defense of reproductive rights, Roe v. Wade Tampa, FL
3/27/22 Idealism or materialism: Two approaches to the world United States
3/27/22 In New Orleans hundreds unite to march against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation New Orleans, LA
1/14/22 Inflation hits a 40-year high as record corporate profits roll on San Jose, CA
6/12/22 Interview with Black Lives Matter organizer at Workers’ Summit of the Americas Tijuana, Mexico
1/11/22 Interview with Frank Chapman, of National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR) as we start 2022 Chicago, IL
4/27/22 Interview with Starbucks union organizer in New Orleans New Orleans, LA
6/14/22 Interview with Venezuelan trade union leader Jacobo Torres de Leon Tijuana, Mexico
6/11/22 Interview with William Camacaro on the Workers’ Summit of the Americas Tijuana, Mexico
1/09/22 Job market stumbles to end 2021 San Jose, CA
5/23/22 Justice for Anthony Gay! Chicago, IL
5/03/22 Keep abortion legal! Defend women’s and reproductive rights! United States
1/04/22 LAPD kills 2 inside of crowded store, 14-year-old dead Los Angeles, CA
3/20/22 Learning together: The Mass Line United States
3/06/22 Leninism: The Marxism of the current era United States
3/22/22 Letter to the editor: Black liberation, anti-imperialism, and Ukraine Chicago, IL
6/09/22 Letter to trans youth: Louisiana’s sports ban won’t defeat us Louisiana
5/03/22 LGBT+ Louisianans rally at legislators’ offices, staffers leave out back door Baton Rouge, LA
1/12/22 Los Angeles demands justice for Valentina Orellana-Peralta Los Angeles, CA
5/25/22 Los Angeles victory: One step closer to winning community control over LA County Sheriff’s Department Los Angeles, CA
4/23/22 Los Angeles: 7th annual May Day set for Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA
5/07/22 Los Angles: Boyle Heights celebrates May Day with march and rally Los Angeles, CA
2/11/22 Los Angles: Check the Sheriff! Los Angeles, CA