Monday February 24, 2020
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1/25/20 President Nicolás Maduro addresses World Anti Imperialist Congress Caracas, Venezuela
1/24/20 President plans to expand travel ban to more countries Minneapolis, MN
1/01/20 Prominent national groups join Coalition to March on the DNC Milwaukee, WI
1/17/20 Protest at Senator Klobuchar’s office to demand no war on Iran and U.S. troops out of Iraq Minneapolis, MN
2/02/20 Read Mao Zedong’s article on battle of Stalingrad United States
1/10/20 Salt Lake denounces war on the homeless and war with Iran at four energetic rallies Salt Lake City, UT
2/20/20 San Jose Day of Remembrance marks 40th anniversary with large turnout San José, CA
2/08/20 Sanders wins the most votes in Iowa Caucus Minneapolis, MN
1/27/20 South Florida protest demands: No war on Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
1/22/20 St Paul: Honoring MLK, Marcus Golden and stolen lives. Saint Paul, MN
1/09/20 Stand with the people of Iran and Iraq against the U.S. wars of aggression! U.S.
1/28/20 Stocks fall around the world San José, CA
1/30/20 Students at the University of South Florida rally to increase Black enrollment Tampa, FL
1/22/20 Syrian ambassador to Venezuela with FRSO delegation Caracas, Venezuela
2/03/20 Tallahassee residents demand removal of killer cop Police Chief Lawrence Revell Tallahassee, FL
1/08/20 Tampa Bay SDS says: End endless wars! Tampa, FL
1/26/20 Tampa says: No war with Iran and U.S. out of the Middle East! Tampa, FL
1/15/20 Tampa students rally against aggressions towards Iran Tampa, FL
2/13/20 They have no shame! Chicago, IL
1/14/20 Thousands protest Trump visit in Milwaukee Milwaukee, WI
1/01/20 Top 20 films of the 2010s Jacksonville, FL
1/06/20 Trump commits multiple murder in line with U.S. imperialist terrorism United States
1/01/20 Trump to be met with protest at Milwaukee visit Milwaukee, WI
1/06/20 Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Iran! Tucson, AZ
2/01/20 U.S. and European stocks fall again to end the week San Jose, CA