Tuesday December 10, 2019
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5/08/19 Chicago Teachers Union signs tentative agreement with charter operator Instituto Chicago, IL
2/13/19 Chicago Teachers Union strike at CICS charter schools enters week two Chicago, IL
4/26/19 Chicago Teachers Union to strike charter schools on May Day Chicago, IL
7/03/19 Chicago: Book signing for Frank Chapman’s autobiography Chicago, IL
2/04/19 Chicago: Emergency demonstration to demand, “Hands off Venezuela! Not another U.S. coup!” Chicago, IL
12/09/19 Chicago: Striking unions honored at People’s Thanksgiving Chicago, IL
7/12/19 Chicagoland Arab protest demands white supremist leave office Chicago, IL
3/03/19 Chicago’s elections: Rejecting Rahm and police terror Chicago, IL
1/08/19 Chicano leader blasts Trump’s racist, anti-immigrant speech Los Angeles, CA
8/03/19 Chicano leader Carlos Montes condemns racist massacre in El Paso LA, CA
1/10/19 Chicanos and Latinos in Los Angeles say, ‘No Trump wall!’ Los Angeles, CA
7/05/19 Chicanos protest raids and deportations Los Angeles, CA
8/08/19 China says it will continue cooperation with Venezuela, tells U.S. to stop bullying Washington DC
8/05/19 China’s response to Trump’s new tariff threat panics stock market San José, CA
9/11/19 Chrystul Kizer bail reduction and justice denied Kenosha, WI
9/04/19 Civil rights conference featuring renowned activist Angela Davis to gather in Chicago this November Chicago, IL
3/24/19 Class politics in Jacksonville’s 2019 local elections Jacksonville, FL
9/13/19 Clerical workers confront U of MN President Gabel, Board of Regents Minneapolis, MN
10/15/19 Coalition to March on the DNC 2020 gets off to a good start with its first action Milwaukee, WI
11/10/19 Commentary: Coup in Bolivia Bolivia
5/29/19 Communist Party of Greece makes gains in elections Greece
6/30/19 Communist Party of Philippines: Boldly struggle to end Duterte’s tyranny! Philippines
11/18/19 Community celebrates opening of Jamar Clark Avenue Minneapolis, MN
9/24/19 Community demands justice for Ronald Davis Saint Paul, MN
5/05/19 Community forum regarding human trafficking held in Richardson, TX Richardson, TX