Tuesday September 28, 2021
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5/01/21 Denver students hold rally against police injustice on campus Denver, CO
2/21/21 Denver says “No War on Iran! Drop the sanctions now!” Denver, CO
5/16/21 Denver march demands justice for Palestine Denver, CO
5/26/21 International delegation visits Douma day before Syrian elections Douma, Syria
8/17/21 East LA: The family of Anthony Vargas holds teach-in for his 3-year angelversary East Los Angeles, CA
3/20/21 East Los Angeles sheriffs kill another young Chicano East Los Angeles, CA
7/01/21 Families hold march and rally at ELA Sheriff's Station demanding justice for Paul Rea East Los Angeles, CA
8/17/21 East LA: The family of Anthony Vargas holds teach-in for his 3-year angelversary East Los Angeles, CA
7/14/21 Flint, MI: Tallahassee activists, community members demand justice for Donald Stokes II Flint, MI
2/23/21 South Florida activists hold rally against sanctions, war on Iran Fort Lauderdale, FL
3/30/21 WFTU Solidarity message to the workers and employees of Amazon in Germany Germany
1/02/21 Wisconsin pharmacist arrested for sabotaging COVID-19 vaccines Grafton, WI
3/15/21 Michigan march for Breonna Taylor Grand Rapids, MI
5/16/21 Michigan protest demands ‘Free Palestine’ Grand Rapids, MI
6/21/21 Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World to begin in Caracas, Venezuela Grand Rapids, MI
3/21/21 Grand Rapids rally opposes anti-Asian murders Grand Rapids, MI
2/20/21 Michigan solidarity with Amazon union in Alabama Grand Rapids, MI
3/09/21 Justice for George Floyd rally in Michigan, police arrest protest leaders Grand Rapids, MI
5/24/21 Grand Rapids, MI: 200 March for Palestine Grand Rapids, MI
3/19/21 Teamsters at UPS still angry about contract imposition by Hoffa Grand Rapids, MI
6/14/21 Grand Rapids, MI rallies for Palestine Grand Rapids, MI
5/03/21 West Michigan labor unions rally for International Workers Day Grand Rapids, MI
5/10/21 WFTU: Long Live May 9th! Long live Peoples’ anti-fascist Victory! Greece
8/12/21 Green Bay, WI rallies to stop Lines 3 and 5 Green Bay, WI
4/20/21 Green Bay, WI: Community gathers alongside family of Jonathon Tubby for day of solidarity Green Bay, WI