Wednesday July 6, 2022
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1/25/22 Rally for Palestine in downtown Dallas Civic Garden Park
1/31/22 Texas A&M University students push for COVID safety measures College Station, TX
7/01/22 Hope for Colombia: An interview with James Jordan about the election of Petro Colombia
3/18/22 Starbucks workers in Colorado Springs file for unionization Colorado Springs
3/08/22 Dallas rallies against war with Russia Dallas, Texas
4/25/22 Dallas rallies against Israel's assault on Al-Aqsa Mosque and bombing of Gaza Dallas, TX
1/18/22 Dallas rally demands justice for murdered Kerala student leader Dheeraj Rajendran Dallas, TX
6/27/22 Dallas marches for abortion rights Dallas, TX
5/09/22 Dallas marches against anti-abortion draft Supreme Court decision Dallas, TX
2/09/22 Dallas rally protests US, NATO aggression against Russia Dallas, TX
5/12/22 Dallas, TX: Filipinos protest fraud-ridden election wins of Marcos, Duterte Dallas, TX
2/17/22 Denver SDS kicks off campaign to demilitarize campus police Denver
2/17/22 Denver SDS kicks off campaign to demilitarize campus police Denver
1/04/22 Colorado grocery workers vote to strike Denver, CO
5/23/22 Denver: Interview with wrongfully fired Chicano high school teacher Tim Hernández Denver, CO
1/08/22 Colorado: King Soopers workers to strike on January 12 Denver, CO
1/26/22 Colorado King Soopers strike ends, tentative agreement ratified Denver, CO
1/14/22 Day 1 of Colorado King Soopers strike: Interview with a striker Denver, CO
5/23/22 Firing of beloved Chicano teacher sparks outrage, protests in Denver Denver, CO
5/08/22 Denver SDS fights for Roe, marches to senator’s office Denver, CO
1/22/22 Colorado: King Soopers strike in 2nd week Denver, CO
2/24/22 Chicanos confront an LA Sheriff Department community meeting East LA, CA
3/14/22 Vigil in Elk River, MN demands “ICE out of Sherburne County” Elk River, MN
6/26/22 No safe water, no fans. Wisconsin Teamsters struggle heats up Elm Grove, WI
1/31/22 Tallahassee: AFSCME members demand a decent contract FAMU