Monday August 19, 2019
| Last update: Sunday at 7:19 PM


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3/13/19 Fox Valley, WI celebrates International Women's Day Appleton, WI
7/16/19 Denver marches to close Trump’s concentration camps Aurora, CO
5/27/19 Belgium Worker’s Party obtains excellent results in federal, regional and European elections Belgium
4/28/19 Filipino labor leaders speak in Boston Boston, MA
4/29/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with Minister of Communes Caracas
5/04/19 Eyewitness Venezuela: FRSO meets with Minister of Communes Caracas, Venezuela
8/03/19 Venezuela’s President Maduro speaks to the 25th Sao Paulo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
5/01/19 FRSO delegation at mega May Day rally in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
7/28/19 Venezuela: FRSO delegation attends memorial for Jorge Rodríguez Caracas, Venezuela
7/23/19 FRSO sends delegation to the Sao Paolo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
8/03/19 Tom Burke of FRSO speaks with Venezuelan Comunas leaders Caracas, Venezuela
4/28/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with communist leaders Caracas, Venezuela
5/04/19 Venezuela: FRSO joins celebration of the life of Augusto Sandino Caracas, Venezuela
5/02/19 Eyewitness Venezuela: 400,000 workers rally for May Day in Caracas Caracas, Venezuela
7/31/19 FRSO leader meets with Secretary General of ALBA: Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America Caracas, Venezuela
5/06/19 FRSO Venezuela delegation meets with trade union leader Caracas, Venezuela
5/16/19 Meeting with Venezuela’s President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
3/16/19 U.S. Peace Council delegation to Venezuela meets with President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
7/31/19 Reflections on the Sao Paolo Forum Caracas, Venezuela
3/13/19 U.S. anti-war delegation arrives in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
4/30/19 Photos of massive demonstration to defend President Maduro Caracas, Venezuela
7/30/19 Labor movements of the world support Bolivarian Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
7/23/19 Chicago Teachers show solidarity in Venezuela Caracas, Venezuela
3/17/19 Frank Chapman condemns political repression against Rasmea Odeh Chicago, IL
5/08/19 Chicago Teachers Union signs tentative agreement with charter operator Instituto Chicago, IL