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November 2022 LA elections vote-guide

Statement by Centro CSO |
October 23, 2022
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement from the Los Angeles-based Centro CSO

Two major electoral races are underway: the fight to protect public education and to remove LA County Sheriff and Bandito gang member Alex Villanueva. 

To protect education, Centro CSO has endorsed and hit the streets running, for Dr. Roció Rivas. Rivas has been a public LAUSD school teacher in the past and is currently employed by LAUSD school board member Jackie Goldberg as policy deputy. Rivas is backed by the teachers and their union; UTLA.

Removing the current and any future sheriffs from LA County, Centro CSO has been busy building community control of them and killer cops. The uniting of CSO with impacted families, and the large Check the Sheriffs Coalition, in addition to more than four years of struggle, resulted in a step towards accountability - Measure A. “Yes on A LA!” is the rallying cry by CSO’s anti-police brutality committee, which is composed of various families impacted by killer LA sheriffs. They include the families of Anthony Daniel Vargas, David Ordaz Jr., and Marco Vásquez Jr. Measure A would give the power to LA’s County Board of Supervisors to remove Sheriff Villanueva and any future sheriffs.

LA County Sheriff Villanueva has condoned deputy gangs within their ranks and has even admitted they exist, by dismissing them as “cliques.” Villanueva speaks both Spanish and English and has a history of attempting to use these languages to divide families from the community - holding private meetings with them only, stating that after an officer involved shooting, he can personally settle any issues with impacted families. Villanueva has also given the green light to his deputies on harassing, stalking, doxxing and intimidating impacted families who stand up and fight back.

Plans are underway to continue door-knocking and targeting voters to support and vote for both Dr. Rivas and Measure A. In the LA County Sheriff race, we urge the public to not vote for Alex Villanueva. Some members of CSO are individually making various decisions regarding whom else to vote for. However, CSO does not endorse any sheriff or candidate.

If you are interested in door-knocking and canvassing, be sure to join CSO’s education and anti-police brutality committees on their next Get Out the Vote (GOTV) date which is scheduled for October 30.

If you are interested in joining Centro CSO for door knocking or to become a member, contact us here (323) 484-8630 [email protected] or @CentroCSO on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.