Tuesday August 9, 2022
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$20,000 dollars so far in FRSO fundraising campaign

By Mick Kelly |
April 7, 2021
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Minneapolis, MN – In just a few weeks, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) Spring Fundraising campaign has netted more than $20,000. FRSO has grown rapidly in this past year and will use the funds to establish a national office.

FRSO members have active in many of the key struggles of working and oppressed peoples during the past year – especially the struggle against police crimes.

Linden Gawboy, an unemployed worker and activist in the fight against police terror in Minnesota is one of those who has contributed their stimulus checks. “This country is at a turning point, and we have to be ready on all fronts. I’m laid off after ten years at one job, so, I’m on a budget, and I didn’t budget for the stimulus check, so it wasn’t a problem to use those funds for a good cause. We need Freedom Road to be a strong organization.”

Over the next few weeks local districts of FRSO will be going out to members and supporters, requesting support for the fundraising campaign.