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March and Protest Demanding Justice for Chicano youth David Sullivan

By staff |
April 20, 2021
Marchers headed towards Buena Park PD.
Marchers headed towards Buena Park PD. (Luis Sifuentes)

Buena Park, CA - A march and protest took place in Buena Park, Orange County, April 17, to demand justice for David Sullivan, a 19-year old Chicano who was shot and killed August 19, 2019 in the city of Fullerton, by Buena Park Police Department. The protest's demands included the firing and prosecution of Buena Park police officers Jennifer Tran and Bobby Colon. Sullivan was shot and killed in broad daylight, posed no threat, and was unarmed.

The protest was led by Sullivan's mother DeAnna, sibling Sam, and eldest brother Joshua Sullivan. Present in solidarity were Centro CSO, Justice X, Say Their Names - Los Angeles, families of Anthony Vargas, Marco Vasquez, Jr., Daniel Hernandez, Ernie Serrano, Feras Morad, and Christopher Okamoto. Other demands included the reopening of Sullivan's case by the OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer.

The protesters assembled at Bellis Park, about a mile away from the Buena Park police department, and angrily marched to the station. Once there, the protesters held a protest once again led by the Sullivan Family.

Speaking during the protest, the Sullivan Family’s attorney Christian Contreras revealed that the officers lied in their report by stating that Sullivan had a gun when he was shot and killed. Contreras also demanded a real investigation, due to contradicting evidence on the killer cops’ body cams. The videos clearly show that Sullivan was unarmed and was running away when Colon and Tran killed him.

To follow any upcoming actions or to show online support, visit David Sullivan’s Instagram page: @JusticeForDavidSullivan.