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Teamsters Local 120 standing strong as Marathon oil refinery lockout enters 6th week

By staff |
March 2, 2021
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Locked out workers at Marathon oil refinery.
Locked out workers at Marathon oil refinery. (Fight Back! News/staff)

St. Paul Park, MN - On March 1, the lockout of Teamsters at Marathon’s Saint Paul Park refinery entered its sixth week, after a 24-hour strike by the Teamsters on January 21. Marathon is pushing an agenda of job cuts and attacks on safety, so little progress has been made at the table.

Teamsters do not appear to be backing down and say they will keep fighting for as long as needed to keep the community safe.

The union members have been picketing at entrances and other key locations around the refinery. They have set up headquarters at the Saint Paul Park American Legion building, as well as encampments around burn-barrels to stay warm through some of the coldest stretches in recent history.

Members of many unions have been showing up to picket with the Teamsters and to drop off supplies like food and much-needed firewood to keep them warm through the cold nights. As temperatures begin to rise with the coming spring, the Teamsters remain in high spirits. One thing is clear: the Teamsters are dug in, not going anywhere, and are ready to stay out for the long haul if that is what is needed to get across their message of safety.