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Minneapolis: 6-years of struggle to get justice for Jamar Clark

By Sam Martinez and Jaelynne Palmer |
November 18, 2021
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The fight continues to get justice for Jamar Clark.
The fight continues to get justice for Jamar Clark. (Photo by Jakayla Lovett)

Minneapolis, MN - On November 15, over 50 people gathered in North Minneapolis to honor the six-year struggle for justice for Jamar Clark, who was killed in 2015 by the Minneapolis Police Department. After Clark’s murder, the community came together and held an 18-day occupation at the Minneapolis 4th Precinct police station; the action was dubbed the #4thPrecinctShutdown. The Twin Cities Coalition for Justice for Jamar (TCC4J) combined different circles of organizations and communities in the initial fight for “no grand jury,” releasing any footage, and an independent investigation.

The memorial was hosted by Project Jamar Saving Me, an organization run by Jamar’s family.

Family and TCC4J spoke during the press conference about the historical struggle and its impact in building the movement. After additional fellowship, community moved to the memorial site for a candlelight vigil. The night ended in celebration with a vow to continue the fight for community control of the police.

Loretta VanPelt read the following statement on behalf of TCC4J:

“TCC4J is honored to continue working with the family of Jamar Clark and so many other families who have unfortunately lost loved ones to police crimes. In 2015, after the brutal murders and coverups of Marcus Golden in Saint Paul and Jamar Clark in Minneapolis, we saw the movement to stop police crimes and support Black liberation take a great leap forward. This leap would be the foundation for victories in case after case to combat police terror in our communities from Philando Castile, Justine Damond, George Floyd and too many others.

“However, we have also learned many other valuable lessons along the way. Every day we struggle to build a multi-class, multi-national united front to stop police terror and ensure safety for all in our communities. We have seen that it must be built in conjunction with those most impacted by police terror - in particular, families, Black, brown and indigenous communities, and under the leadership of the working class.

“Recently, we have seen what will happen if this isn’t the strategy in use. Just a few weeks ago we saw a ballot measure to ‘address’ police accountability fail. Almost $4 million that could have gone to impacted families was spent in the struggle over this ballot amendment. The ballet measure and its proponents are so detached from the movement and community, that it was defeated in the Black and brown wards that have seen some of the worst police crimes over the past six years.

“While others may be asking ‘what is to be done?’ members of TCC4J have continued to stay by the sides of families and communities impacted by police crimes. That is why we are here today with Jamar’s family. This is also why we continue to fight for our charter amendment for community control of the police via the Civilian Police Accountability Commission. And why in the next few weeks we will be joining people from across the country in Chicago at the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression meeting to ensure that a National movement to stop police crimes continues.”

TCC4J continues to demand:

Reopen all the cases!

Indite, convict, send all the killer cops to jail - especially Schwarze and Ringgenberg!

Community control of the police via CPAC!

All power to the people!