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Black Lives Matter mourns and denounces another killing by LA sheriffs

By staff |
September 4, 2020
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Black Lives Matters protest demands justice for Dijon Kizzee.
Black Lives Matters protest demands justice for Dijon Kizzee. (Photo by Luis Sifuentes)

Los Angeles, CA - Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles called for justice for Dijon Kizzee at their weekly “DA Jackie Lacey Must Go” protest, September 2. Many families, victims of LAPD and LA sheriff killings and brutality, as well as organizations like Centro CSO, gathered outside of the offices of Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey.

Dijon Kizzee was shot over 20 times in South LA on the evening of August 31, over an unspecified vehicle code violation while riding a bicycle with a bundle of clothes. In the police version, Kizzee dropped a handgun when the altercation turned violent. Deputies allege he attempted to reach for the gun while on the ground, which provoked them to execute him.

Dijon’s former girlfriend made her first appearance at the protest with yellow tape from the crime scene wrapped around her and a poster board with pictures dedicated to Dijon while the crowd chanted, “We support you,” “We’re here with you” and “We love you.”

Marina Vergara, the sister of Daniel Hernandez who was killed by LAPD in 2020, also spoke at the protest. “We need to take away their qualified immunity and get rid of Jackie Lacey,” said Vergara. “My brother was in a vehicle accident that did not merit him being executed on April 22. There was no mention that he pointed a gun at them, no mention of firing the weapon at them. They use the excuse that they are afraid for their lives; then quit because you're a coward.”