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New York City protest calls for community control of the police

By staff |
September 20, 2020
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NYC protest demands community control of police.
NYC protest demands community control of police. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

New York, NY – About 50 people gathered at Union Square, September 19, to demand an end to all police crimes, the withdrawal of federal troops, and community control of the police. The rally and speak out was put by the newly formed New York Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NYAARPR).

Last week, organizations that are part of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression held their first event, “Teach-In and Orientation” as a first step to organize together here in New York City. The event, put on by the New Yok Community Action Project, was to get all these organizations working together to uphold the campaign for a Civilian Police Accountability Council.

Within one week of NYAARPR being formed, organizations put on a successful speak-out and outreach event.

The emcees of the speak-out, Jessica Schwartz (NYCAP) and Estevan Bassett-Nembhard (Communist Party USA), brought the crowds in with a few chants about community control, “When I say CPAC, you say fight back!” and “NYPD kills on patrol, what do we need? Community control!”

Speakers ranged from Struggle-La Lucha, New York City Students for a Democratic Society, DC 37, CPUSA, New York Boricua Resistance, and Bayan USA. Each of the speakers expertly brought their organization’s focus to the forefront and connected them to the need for community control of the police.

Jessica Schwartz stated, “Why community control? Because we’ve seen time and time again how our current system is incapable of properly holding police accountable for their violence against different communities. Because it should be the communities that they’re sworn to serve and protect who holds them accountable, not a board chosen by politicians and the police. We want an accountability council made up of people with no ties to police and have been involved in organizing in people’s movements.”

The event ended with protesters signing on to organize. NYAARPR is asking that if an organization is interested in supporting the CPAC campaign to email [email protected] and if an individual is interested in joining the campaign, to find the New York Community Action Project on Facebook or Instagram.