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Large protests continue in Portland

By Mick Kelly |
August 1, 2020
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Thousands rally for Black lives, July 31, in Portland. "BLM" with fist was proje
Thousands rally for Black lives, July 31, in Portland. "BLM" with fist was projected above the protest. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

Portland, OR – The chant of “Black lives matter!” echoed off the Federal Courthouse Friday, July 31, as nearly 3000 demonstrators assembled in downtown Portland. Federal agents and local police were not visible, but a number of protesters stated that agents remain inside the courthouse. Many rally participants were well prepared for an attack, wearing head protection and gas masks to lessen the impact of teargas and police projectiles. No clashes occurred.

The courthouse is covered with slogans and surrounded by concrete barriers topped by metal fencing. African Americans and other oppressed nationalities led the chants and were the speakers at the July 31 protest. A contingent of “Asian Americans for Black Liberation” were among the participants.

Until Thursday, July 30, nightly battles have taken place with the federal forces dispatched by Trump.
In earlier protests, federal agents critically injured a young man with a ‘less lethal’ round.

Many around the country have spoken against the repression directed against the heroic demonstrators in Portland.

Actions will continue in the streets today.