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Protests for George Floyd continue daily in Salt Lake

By Gabriella Killpack |
June 4, 2020
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Protest against police crimes at the University of Utah, June 3.
Protest against police crimes at the University of Utah, June 3. Protest against police crimes at the University of Utah, June 3.

Salt Lake City, UT - Since the May 30 National Day of Protest action here, led by Utah Against Police Brutality, demonstrations in Salt Lake City have continued every day, with hundreds in the streets demanding justice for the killing of all victims of police violence, like of George Floyd from Minneapolis and Bernardo Palacios from Rose Park, Utah. Protests have continued even with a strict 8 p.m. curfew issued by Mayor Erin Mendenhall enforced by armed police and National Guard troops with armored vehicles. 


On June 1, people stayed in the streets, marching well past curfew. One group of 200 was corralled by police on South Temple at 9:30 p.m. Protesters chanted "No justice no peace, no racist police," and told each other that staying united and fighting back is the only path to justice for victims of police crimes. 


"If we stay together, we go to jail together,” the group chanted. “We came together, we go together!" 


Police geared up to make arrests, but protesters stood firmly together, marched through the police line and escaped arrest.

Protesters have consistently demanded justice for Palacios, who was killed just over a week ago in Salt Lake City. Palacios' family has a petition with over 12,000 signatures demanding release of body camera footage related to his death. They are also demanding that police be held accountable for their violent murder. 

Mayor Mendenhall has worked hand and hand with the police and National Guard to enforce the curfew, which will last all week. Police have stepped up political repression as well, with at least 61 arrests so far. 


Utah Against Police Brutality has raised nearly $60,000 to support those who have been arrested. 


As of May 3, multiple protests took place demanding justice for George Floyd. About 2000 protesters marched from city hall. Stopping at the police station, they lay down and had eight minutes of silence for George Floyd, then marched through the city to the University of Utah campus. A second demonstration of 200 protested at the Utah State Capitol building.


"We must continue to struggle against the police violence and repression facing our city," said UAPB organizer Dave Newlin.


More protests are planned for Thursday June 4 and Friday, June 5. Students for a Democratic Society University of Utah is planning a protest for Saturday, June 7