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LA killer cop Frank Hernandez charged for brutal beating

By staff |
June 10, 2020
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Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey announced the filing of charges on Los Angeles Police Department cop Frank Hernandez, June 9, for the brutal beating of local Chicano resident Richard Castillo. DA Lacey’s decision comes after video of the incident caused uproar in the community of Boyle Heights where the attack took place, leading to protests and a widely-circulated petition demanding the firing of Hernandez.

Officer Hernandez was arrested and released on his own recognizance in less than an hour. He should have had a bail amount and made to spend time in jail. He was charged with one felony charge of assault under color of authority. If he is found guilty, Hernandez can receive up to three years in prison. This is a very rare move on the part of DA Lacey, as she has failed to file charges on hundreds of police killings of Chicano, Latino and Black victims.

We see this as a small victory. However, in September of 2010, cop Hernandez shot and killed a Guatemalan man named Manuel Jamines. Hernandez's only punishment was to be transferred to Hollenbeck, the Boyle Heights LAPD station. While there, he was left to terrorize and brutalize an unknown amount of people until he was filmed by a neighbor beating up victim Richard Castillo.

Centro CSO organized a large protest at LAPD Hollenbeck station on May 15. This protest demanded the firing and jailing of Hernandez.

A CSO delegation also delivered over 1800 signed petitions to LAPD Chief Michael Moore on May 21, demanding the same.

On May 30, CSO participated in the National Day of Protest to fight back against police terror - which was called for by the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR) - at Mariachi Plaza.

We will continue to demand that cop Hernandez also be fired from LAPD, convicted and given jail time! When we organize and fight back, we can win! We must continue to demand the jailing of killer cops, and community control over the police! To join Centro CSO, click and fill out the following form: https://centrocso.wordpress.com/contact-us/