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Anti-war leaders condemn Trump’s war moves against Venezuela

By staff |
April 3, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN – Anti-war leaders are condemning U.S. war moves against Venezuela. The Trump administration has indicted Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro, and a U.S. naval deployment is underway.

Cassia Laham, of the Florida anti-war group People’s Opposition to War, Imperialism, and Racism (POWIR), states, “The indictment against Maduro is an absolutely transparent move by the U.S. imperialists to try, yet again, to take down the two-time democratically-elected government of Venezuela.”

Laham continued, “The U.S. cannot stand that Venezuela has rejected American neoliberalism and has been trying since 2002 to undo all of the gains made by the Chavista movement and replace the government of Venezuela with a puppet one that will do whatever the U.S. says. Time and time again, the U.S. has tried to coordinate coups in Venezuela, but time and time again it has failed to gain the support of the Venezuelan people, who largely support their government. It is our hope that this ridiculous narco-terrorism charge and bounty will be yet another failed attempt by the U.S., and that Venezuela will emerge even stronger."

Meredith Aby-Keirstead of the Twin Cites-based Anti-War Committee called Trump’s moves disgusting, and states, “U.S. imperialism is always wrong, but it is even more outrageous to be building up to war during a global pandemic!"