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FRSO delegation arrives in Caracas, meets with human rights organization

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March 10, 2020
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Caracas, Venezuela – The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) labor delegation met with Sures, a human rights NGO, March 9, to learn about the impact of U.S. sanctions on the Venezuelan people.

While Trump has imposed the most sanctions, the punishing sanctions began under Bush, and were built on by President Obama who created a broader framework, defining Venezuela as a national security threat.

Cristobal Corrieles of Sures said, "The U.S. sanctions are immoral, illegal and unjust."

Corrieles explained that the sanctions are immoral for using humanitarian deliveries to exacerbate tensions and to provoke a regime change. Illegal for breaking international law, there's no such thing as a peaceful blockade, it's an act of war. Unjust because the sanctions are focused on the ships transporting food and medicine, targeting the disabled, elderly and children. Yet the sanctions don't target luxury goods like Nike sneakers.

At the end the delegation discussed how the unions in Venezuela have organized themselves to resist the blockade.

Emily Butt, a participant in the delegation states, "The impact of U.S. sanctions against Venezuela are hardest on workers and the most vulnerable groups in society such as children, the elderly, and the disabled, are similar to their attacks on workers and vulnerable people back at home. We share a struggle against a shared enemy. Solidarity with our international brothers and sisters is the way to working class victory."