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USW strikes Constellium at Alabama aluminum plant

By staff |
December 22, 2020
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Muscle Shoals, AL - More than 400 members of United Steel Workers Local 200 are on strike against Constellium over unfair labor practices at its Second Street production facility, formerly owned by Wise Alloys and Reynolds.

The strike began on December 15 after months of negotiations with management failing to bargain to a fair, acceptable agreement, despite extending the previous contract with Constellium for more than a month past its November 1 expiration.

“Constellium insists on a contract that would erase decades of collective bargaining progress on issues like seniority and occupational health and safety in order to give management the unchecked authority to pick and choose exactly who works and when,” said USW District 9 Director Daniel Flippo. “We're going to fight to hold the company accountable and to win the fair contract that USW members have earned and deserve.”

“Long before Constellium acquired this plant, our union contract made these the kind of jobs that support families and sustain our community,” he said. “We cannot allow the company to take them away.”