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George Floyd’s killer released on bond

TCC4J members speak out
By staff |
October 8, 2020
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Minneapolis, MN - Derek Chauvin, the cop who knelt on George Floyd’s neck until he died, was released from jail October 7 on a $1 million non-cash bond. Chauvin was being jailed at a maximum security prison while he awaited a March 2021 trial. He is the last former cop - all four have been fired - to get out on bail.

DeShaun McDonald, of the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice (TCC4J) stated, “It’s a shame that all four killer cops of George Floyd are eating dinner with their families, awaiting their day in court. Yet George lays six feet under. The system created by white men is not broken. It is well and functioning. It’s a shame that a murder can be released by $1 million dollar bond that he doesn’t have; he’s being charged with tax fraud. Yet, BIPOC folks are still waiting for their day in court behind bars because they may not be able to afford their own bond for much less. We will not rest until we see justice for those killed by cops.”

Chauvin was last seen in public September 11 as he exited a pre-trial hearing on September 11. TCC4J held a six-hour protest that day outside the building - it is reported that the speeches and chants could be heard inside the courtroom.

TCC4J’s Gina Van Arman said, “The well-off and the white can buy their way out of jail, even for the most heinous of crimes and even when their guilt is beyond doubt. For Chauvin to be even offered bail is offensive and shows that the system is working to favor its own.”

McDonald added, “Once again, this blinded justice system shows how it only works for those who are white cis men and cops. The world was shut down, locked away in our respective homes due to one pandemic, as we all saw another pandemic happen in front of our eyes, with the killing of George Floyd. Chauvin kneeled on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.”

Chauvin is facing five charges. The three other former officers - Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao - are facing lesser charges. All have asked for their charges to be dismissed and for a change of venue outside the Twin Cities metro area, where the murder took place.

Angel Smith El declared, “The murdering cop Derek Chauvin he was able to be released by the Minnesota Department of Corrections because a racist bail bondsman helped him get released without a cash bond. White supremacy at its finest. The fight for Justice for George Floyd will continue. We need community control of the police now.”

Protests against the release of Derek Chauvin are expected tonight. At this writing, the Minnesota governor has called out 100 National Guard troops.