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Tucson tells Trump: Hands off Iran!

By Jim Byrne |
January 6, 2020
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Tucson, AZ protest against war with Iran.
Tucson, AZ protest against war with Iran. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Tucson, AZ - On January 4, around 200 people flooded the sidewalk of a busy Tucson intersection to demonstrate their solidarity with the Iranian and Iraqi peoples and voice their anger at murderous billionaire President Trump.

Dozens of cars honked in support of signs that read: “U.S. hands off Iran!” and “U.S. out of Iraq!” The protest, organized by the Tucson Anti War Committee, chanted “Lift the sanctions! Stop the bombing! Hands off Iran!” and “Out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq, out of Palestine and don’t come back!”

Activist Raquel Mogollon summarizes the need for building a fighting anti-war movement: “We saw what they did in Chile, in Ecuador, in Colombia and the other day in Iraq. Everywhere around the world the people are rising up and taking power back. It is time we do the same here in the belly of the imperialist beast!”