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Milwaukee: Momentum builds for protest at Trump visit

By staff |
January 13, 2020
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Milwaukee, WI - Preparations are well in hand for the demonstration set to meet President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit to Milwaukee on January 14. The initial announcement of the protest was met with a great deal of excitement. This feeling has been sustained, reflected in the fact that over 4500 people have said on Facebook they are interested in attending.

“The fact that we’re still mobilizing in huge numbers four years into Trump’s presidency tells us something about where the masses of people are at,” said Ryan Hamann, a leader with the Coalition to March on the DNC, the organization who initiated the call to protest.

“Trump is the main enemy of the working class and other oppressed people. I think Milwaukee is going to make sure he knows that before he’s done here,” Hamann said.

The event has a dozen co-sponsors and even more endorsements from Milwaukee- and Wisconsin-based organizations. The rally is set to begin at 6 p.m. at Dontre Hamilton (Red Arrow) Park, proceeding to the nearby Pere Marquette Park, and finishing in the streets directly in front of the main entrance of the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, where Trump and his supporters will be gathered inside.