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Over 1000 union educators protest Houston Detention Center

By staff |
July 5, 2019
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NEA members protest Trump's concentration camps.
NEA members protest Trump's concentration camps. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Houston, TX - July 4 saw union educators push for freedom for refugees and undocumented families. After a daylong meeting of the annual National Education Association’s annual Representative Assembly, a massive group of educators demonstrated their anger at Trump’s concentration camps for children and families.

Rank-and-file education workers organized the protest within less than 48 hours of arriving at the convention. The group marched around a detention center located in downtown Houston, holding signs reading “Free the children!” and “Close the camps!” As they marched, they chanted “Up up with education! Down, down with deportation!”

One Latina educator shared her thoughts on why this issue is important to educators, “We know that children need to feel safe in order to learn. We know that families need to be reunited to have a solid foundation for learning. And these families need a just pathway to citizenship.”

The protest was part of a wave of national protests aimed at ending the Trump administration’s concentration camps and family separation policy.