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Dallas protesters march against Trump's concentration camps

By staff |
July 3, 2019
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Dallas protest against border concentration camps.
Dallas protest against border concentration camps. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Dallas, TX - About 100 protesters gathered at Dealey Plaza in Dallas in the evening of July 2 to demand an end to the Trump administration's immigrant concentration camps. After the rally, the protesters marched through downtown Dallas.

The protest was organized by North Texas Action Committee, North Texas Dream Team, Party for Socialism and Liberation, the Monsignor Romero Community Center, and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Signs demanded an end to the concentration camps and legalization for all. Chants included "Down, down deportations, up, up, education," and "No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” One speaker described the role of U.S. imperialism in causing the problems that drive people to leave their countries and come to the United States. Another speaker, Antonio Herrera of the Monsignor Romero Community Center, said that he came from El Salvador as a refugee and added, "I do not tire of saying how it hurts that our people will die in a river in search of a better life."