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Salt Lake City celebrates May Day 2019 with rally, march

By staff |
May 5, 2019
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Salt Lake City rally for International Workers Day.
Salt Lake City rally for International Workers Day. (Fight Back! News / Staff

Salt Lake City, UT - The rally may have come a few days after May 1, but the working-class zeal and vigor was palpable as more than 60 people gathered to celebrate May Day at Washington Square in downtown Salt Lake City, on May 4.

“What a beautiful day to fight for what we believe in,” said organizer Ella Mendoza with Nopalera Artist Collective. “And what do we believe in? People power!”

The event was organized by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and the Rose Park Brown Berets. It focused on the struggle of immigrants and workers. Speakers emphasized again and again the need for collective action, union organizing, struggle against ICE and unaccountable cops, and above all, working-class solidarity regardless of nationality, creed or gender.

“We have all the power. It all lies with us,” said Teamster and FRSO organizer Nick Godfrey. “I believe it was Eugene Debs who said that to defeat the capitalist class, all the workers would have to do is put their hands in their pockets.”

Those gathered cheered and clapped in support as youth from the Brown Berets talked about their experiences in schools dominated by so-called student resource officers.

Carlos Martinez, an adult organizer with the Brown Berets, focused his message on unity in the fight for revolutionary change.

“Our regional differences and our cultural differences cannot separate us in our struggle for revolution against this capitalist system,” Martinez said.

The fight for union power was well represented, with organizers from the Teamsters, National Association of Letter Carriers, and United Mine Workers of America offering their thoughts and encouragement.

“There’s not been one thing we’ve achieved in the last 129 years that has been won without a fight,” said UMWA International Vice President Michael Dalpiaz, who encouraged all in attendance to fight to unionize their workplaces and broaden the labor struggle.

Other groups that participated included the Workers World Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Students for a Democratic Society, Utah Against Police Brutality, Civil Riot, Democratic Socialists of America, Red Lotus Collective, and United for Street Solidarity.

After the event, attendees marched to the nearby library to support organizers of Park Jam, where there was food, dancing, hip-hop battles, and tabling from a number of groups.