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Steelworkers condemn Dow Chemical for locking out Texas workers

By Staff |
April 25, 2019
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Deer Park, TX - On April 22, the United Steelworkers (USW) condemned Rohm and Haas Texas Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Company, after the company made the decision to lock out more than 200 workers at its plant in Deer Park, Texas.

The members of USW Local 13-1 have been bargaining for a new contract with Rohm and Haas over the past several weeks.

“The company’s decision to lock its doors on these hard-working union members is reckless and irresponsible,” said Ruben Garza, director of the union’s District 13, which includes Texas and three neighboring states.

The union and the company had been operating under a 24-hour rolling extension of the current collective bargaining agreement while negotiations on a new contract continued. Dow Chemical Company informed the union last week that it would lock the workers out if they could not reach a deal by 2 p.m. April 22.

For the USW, a sticking point in the negotiations has been the issue of overtime and possible safety and fatigue concerns because of understaffing.

“The USW is committed to making sure that we have consistent and safe staffing levels,” Garza said. “These negotiations are about more than just money. We also must consider the safety and well-being of the workers and the entire community.”