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U.S. Peace Council delegation to Venezuela meets with President Maduro

By staff |
March 16, 2019
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Delegation of U.S. Peace Council meets with President Maduro
Delegation of U.S. Peace Council meets with President Maduro (Fight Back! News/staff)

Caracas, Venezuela - The U.S. Peace Council delegation to Venezuelan met with President Maduro for several hours at the Presidential Palace, March 15. President Maduro told the anti-war organizers that the U.S. attack on the electrical system was delivered three ways: a cyber-attack to the main brain of the system which was made in Houston, electromagnetically, and with explosions at two other stations. The system is now almost fully up again.

Maduro described the history of resistance to foreign domination beginning with Bolívar and the anti-colonial fight for independence against Spain and the U.S. Monroe Doctrine, saying that for 200 years it has been a struggle between Bolívar and the Monroe doctrine, and that today It is the battle between socialism and capitalism for the future of humanity. When told there was a “Hands Off Venezuela” demonstration going on in Minneapolis in front of Senator Klobuchar’s office at the same time delegates were meeting with him, he tweeted it.

After the meeting, the U.S. Peace Council delegation attended the rally at one of the occupations that are supporting and protecting the Presidential Palace. Unions, grass roots groups and the United Socialist Party Venezuela are organizing the occupations. The delegation was asked to speak and was welcomed with cheers and chants.