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‘Reviving the Strike!’ author Joe Burns to speak in Michigan

By Tom Burke |
March 1, 2019
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Grand Rapids, MI - Excitement is building among trade unionists and community activists in Grand Rapids, about an upcoming event where labor negotiator and author Joe Burns will speak. Michigan is a so-called ‘right to work’ state, where labor unions are struggling to maintain their membership and power.

“I’m a bus driver and our ATU Local Union 836 struggled for two years to get a contract. The bosses at the Rapid took a lot away from us. Ever since, I’ve wanted to hear Joe Burns speak about his book Reviving the Strike! We need to learn how to win, like teachers and hotel workers,” said Jay DeShane.

As more people are seeing their wages go down, their tax returns disappear, health care costs rise, and life getting harder, trade unions are seeking new partnerships with community groups to fight back. Government is cutting back on services to the people. Working people are being crushed to the point that many cannot live the way they used to even ten years ago. It is a rat race.

Labor author Joe Burns is set to speak about the recent wave of strikes and the revival of the labor movement. His first book, Reviving the Strike! talks about how unions can use militant tactics to win. His second book, Strike Back, explains how public sector unions, like the teachers, can go outside the existing framework. Teachers are winning by striking for broader demands - supported by and benefiting parents and students.

Initiated by Fight Back! and Equity PAC, a good number of labor unions and community organizations will come together at the Burns speaking event to discuss how to build the bridge from organized labor to equity in our communities.

Joe Burns will speak at Creston Brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 2.