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Urgent Message from the Communist Party of Cuba on Venezuela

Statement by Communist Party of Cuba |
February 24, 2019
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Fight Back News Service is circulating the following message from the Communist Party of Cuba.

As stated in the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on February 13, "the escalation of pressure and action by the government of the United States to prepare a military adventure disguised as humanitarian intervention" not only constitutes a real threat to the Bolivarian Revolution, but also carries a real danger for peace on the continent.

Washington must not underestimate the costs of aggression against Venezuela. The possibility of a disastrous regionalization of the armed conflict would affect our peoples and all social, economic and political sectors.

We are facing a typical threat of a war of imperialist aggression, disguised however it is disguised, whose main objective is the appropriation by the United States of the largest certified oil reserves on the planet. It is once again evident the level of contempt Washington has for the tens of thousands of civilian victims that a conflict like the one in view could produce.

This would not only be an attack against the Bolivarian Revolution. In the logic of the hawks that control the Trump administration's policy toward Latin America, the action is viewed as a final assault against the left-wing and progressive forces on the continent. Today it is Venezuela, and tomorrow it will be Nicaragua, Bolivia or Cuba.

The defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, consequently, happens to be the first line in the struggle for the sovereignty of Our America, for the ideals of social justice, peace with dignity, and the Latin American unity left to us by the founders of our noble nations.

We reaffirm in these moments the position of our government, which states that "the sovereignty and dignity of Latin America, the Caribbean and the peoples of the South are today decided in Venezuela. It also decides the survival of the norms of international law and the Charter of the United Nations. It defines if the legitimacy of a government comes from the expressed sovereign will of its people, or from the recognition of foreign powers."

We call for a united march to demonstrate to the Yankee empire that the peoples of the continent have a sense of their independence and sovereignty. Now is the moment for the forces of the Sao Paulo Forum to demonstrate the immense political power that we represent.

As left-wing, democratic and patriotic political and social sectors, we have before us the possibility of demonstrating that the best way to say is to do, as José Martí emphasized in his times.

From Cuba, we urge us all to win the war: we must prevent it from happening, we must guarantee peace for us all. Let us honor the historic decision of the Spanish anti-fascists: ¡No pasarán!