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NYC protest demands release of activists, union members jailed in Philippines

By staff |
November 5, 2019
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NYC protest against political repression in the Philippines.
NYC protest against political repression in the Philippines. (Fight Back! News/Staff)

New York, NY - Several dozen organizers and community members gathered outside the Philippine Consulate on 5th Avenue, November 4, to demand that the government of the Philippines release the 62 organizers of legal, mass organizations who were arrested Negros and Metro Manila.

The emergency rally was called as the Duterte Regime amped up its repression. On October 26, the military dropped 500-pound bombs on Samar Island to further crackdown on organizing. This was followed by raids on the regional offices of GABRIELA, BAYAN MUNA, and the National Federation of Sugar Workers on October 31. During these raids, 60 activists were arrested. There are reports that on November 4, a new slew of activists were also raided and arrested.

The NYC rally was organized by BAYAN North East and had speakers from various organizations in solidarity with the alliance, such as The International Action Center, NY Boricua Resistance, and the New York Community Action Project.

The protesters were out there for well over an hour and a half and ensured that the streets of New York not only heard their demands but heard their chants to oust the U.S.-Duterte regime!