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Madison rally to ‘Unite Against Fascism’ derails far right protesters

By Alicia Spietz |
January 15, 2019
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Madison, WI - On January 12, members of local progressive organizations joined forces at Wisconsin's capitol for a rally to unite against fascism and alt-right movements.

Organizers met at the foot of the capitol building to show a strong front against a “We the People” rally planned for the same time by several far-right groups, including the 3% United Patriots.

The far-right organizers met under the guise of support for the Second Amendment and in opposition of proposed ‘red flag gun laws’ by the new administration of Tony Evers.

While the fascist rally ended two hours early and had a much smaller turnout than expected, the counter-protest of People United against Fascism grew in numbers and volume over time with peak attendance numbering around 250 people.

After confronting the 3% United Patriots and their supporters at the top of State Street, the anti-fascist counter-demonstrators slowly and steadily climbed the capitol steps with loud and determined chants, such as “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” Despite initially being blocked by a line of police, the group successfully reached the top of the hill within a few hours.

Once there, the chants stopped in time for several representatives from the various groups to make impassioned statements on the victory of the counter-protest for the community that day.

Continued mass actions such as this are key in the fight against the spread of xenophobia, racism, outright bigotry and the far right.