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Anti-Trump mass protests break out in LA

By staff |
July 1, 2018
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Centro CSO at June 30 immigrant rights protest.
Centro CSO at June 30 immigrant rights protest. (Fight Back! News/staff)

Los Angeles, CA – The LA Civic Center area was the scene of mass protest against Trumps attacks on immigrants, including jailing and separating families. Thousands of people marched to voice their opposition to the Trump policy of increase arrests and deportations of families from Central America and Mexico.

A mass rally was held at Grand Park where speakers called for reuniting families and freedom for jailed immigrants. Dr. Melina Abdullah of Black Lives Matter-LA denounced the Trump policy of attacking immigrants, especially Mexican and Central Americans, as white supremacy.

Recently, thousands of Central American and Mexican families have fled their homelands, fleeing the extreme poverty, and violence caused by U.S. policy of intervention and support for repressive regimes.

A loud contingent named the Peoples Call for Justice rallied in Boyle Heights and marched to city hall. A delegation from Centro CSO joined, carrying a large banner that called for Legalization for all, no deportations, and to fight Trump. The march then went to the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center to show support for the anti-ICE encampment.

A few supporters of Trump showed up to taunt the huge number of protesters. One Trump supporter saw veteran Chicano activist Carlos Montes with a Mexican Flag on a baseball cap and yelled to him “go back to Mexico.” Montes replied, “This is Mexico, you go back”! The Trump supporter just walk off cursing.

The protesters said they will continue protesting till the children are united with their families and Trump is thrown out of office.