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New York rally in solidarity with Gaza

By staff |
April 9, 2018
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NYC protest stands in solidarity with Palestinian struggle.
NYC protest stands in solidarity with Palestinian struggle. (Fight Back! News/staff)

New York, NY - On April 6, around 200 people gathered in Union Square to in solidarity with Palestinians as they protest on the Gaza border for their right to return. The protest was called by the organization Within Our Lifetime.

There were several speakers from different organizations, including the International Action Center and Jewish Voices for Peace.

Michela Martinazzi spoke on behalf of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression NYC, stating, “What does solidarity look like for people living in the U.S. It looks like organizing! It looks like marching! It looks like tearing down U.S. imperialism!”

The rally continued with more speeches and fiery chants, such as “Let 10,000 tires burn, refugees will return!”

The evening ended with a call to action to keep organizing, and a group picture.